Advanced Event Viewer 2

The ultimate Windows Event Viewer for your Network

Advanced Event Viewer allows you to view all the Event logs of all
your servers in a single view.

The program is easy to install and easy to use. It works without agents
making it the ultimate event viewer for your network.

This unique program allows you to:

  • View all Event Logs, from all your servers in a single consolidated view
  • Installed in seconds, very powerful and administrator friendly
  • Works without agents
  • Provides you with the ultimate overview of all Windows Events Logs
All your events logs
Advanced Event Viewer

More information:

On Windows Servers, Event Logs provide you with vital information about the status of your servers. Best practices dictate that you check all of them, every day. The default tool to check the event logs, is the event viewer from Microsoft (eventvwr.exe). This simple program allows you to check event logs per server and per logbook. This takes up a lot of time, is not very administrator friendly and is therefore one of the most 'forgotten' pro-active administrator tasks.

Advanced Event Viewer allows you to view all event logs, from all your servers in a single consolidated list. This makes checking event logs fast, easy and effective. Advanced Event Viewer will become your central screen to view the Event Logs of your servers. Advanced Event Viewer automatically consolidates repeating events and therefore shows you exactly what Event Logs have occurred on your server, in a single list.

Advanced Event Viewer is the only tool that allows you to retrieve event log information from multiple Windows Servers quick and easy, and works without Agents or Database server. Making the installation and usage painless and without risk.

Advanced Event Viewer is what the Microsoft Event Viewer (eventvwr.exe) should have been
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